MicroSilicon: Online Chemical Sensing With Paramagnetic Sensors

Top 10 Energy Tech Startups - 2022

Energy tech startups trying to address the CO2 emissions from facilities have regained interest in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies. Energy providers are now collaborating with academic engineering departments to design CCS solutions that enable stable CO2 removal rates.

Energy storage technologies have also become pertinent to this trend. Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems are emerging as the top choice for these businesses as they prioritize and budget for energy storage systems. Standard heat engines, like those found in thermal power plants currently in operation, can efficiently convert heat stored at high temperatures into electrical energy.

Exploring the potential of hydrogen technologies are on the top of the list for innovative energy tech startups. The design and optimization of large-scale H2 projects are aided by model-based design and system simulation, which enable innovators to successfully improve energy use in the future.

To put the spotlight on such key developments in the industry, Energy Tech Review illustrates how the use of CCS and other energy technologies. This edition also features thought leadership articles from subject matter experts. Some of the exclusive insights are authored by Fabio Ficano, Head of BootstrapLabs Venture Studio for Climate and Energy; Scott Ungerer, Managing Partner at EnerTech Capital; and Steve Westly, Founder and Managing Partner, The Westly Group. They shed light on how new technologies are influencing the energy tech startup space.

In this edition of Energy Tech Review, we also bring to you the story of the top energy tech start-ups leveraging power energy storage technologies and CCS. In the list, MicroSilicon stands out for offering advanced microsensors for the energy transition that helps to attain unprecedented levels of operational efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in the energy tech industry. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Energy Tech Startups

  • The Quantum RF Asphaltene Analyzer measures a chemical fingerprint of the oil flowing through wellsite hardware. It can operate under high pressure conditions up to 2200 psi and is explosion-proof. It can be put in anywhere on location that provides access to the fluid and its associated IOT system transfers to cloud for machine learning and diagnostics.

  • Allume Energy

    Allume Energy

    Allume envisions a society where everyone can access clean, cheap solar energy. They think everyone should be able to lower their electricity expenditure and carbon footprint. For far too long, inhabitants of multi-tenanted buildings have been denied the chance to regulate their power consumption through rooftop solar

  • Buzz Solutions

    Buzz Solutions

    Buzz Solutions offers a software platform driven by Artificial Intelligence, Actionable Insights, and Predictive Analytics enabling power utilities to discover problems and anomalies throughout the power line inspection process

  • Enzinc


    Enzinc’s objective is to offer superior batteries to the market. It’s breakthrough unique zinc battery anode employs safe, abundant zinc to provide three times the power and three times the lifetime of lead acid batteries, the most extensively used rechargeable battery in the world

  • Heila Technologies

    Heila Technologies

    Heila, founded in 2015 at MIT, is a team of energy professionals trying to develop the vision of clean, resilient, and sustainable energy by utilizing novel yet easy solutions for monitoring, analytics, control, optimization, and O&M for all types of energy systems

  • Perch Energy

    Perch Energy

    Perch Energy is a clean energy technology and services firm established in Boston that provides a wide range of goods and services to homes, renters, companies, and solar farm owners. Perch has a quest to make renewable energy more accessible, cheap, and fair for everyone

  • Revterra


    Revterra’s interests extend well beyond the development of energy storage systems. They are a sustainable energy firm that empowers EV visionaries to move the world ahead. Its unique flywheel energy storage system (FESS) is a high-density, low-cost energy storage solution for the global expansion in renewable energy and power sector electrification

  • Solarflux Energy Technologies

    Solarflux Energy Technologies

    Solarflux was created in 2019 by a team devoted to inventing novel solutions to fulfill contemporary human civilization’s expanding energy demands sustainably. The Solarflux team thinks that parabolic dish concentrators have the potential to deliver clean, affordable energy to a wide range of neglected market segments, particularly in areas of the world where direct sunshine is abundant

  • Toledo Solar

    Toledo Solar

    Toledo Solar currently sells rooftop systems to Tier 1 American installers and is working on semi-transparent solar windows, shingles, skylights, sunroofs, greenhouses, and agricultural canopies for the future. They are committed to assisting the United States and other countries across the world in achieving energy independence, resilience, and self-sufficiency ethically

  • Yotta Energy

    Yotta Energy

    Yotta Energy, based in Austin, Texas, is bringing a green future to commercial buildings with ‘Energy Made Simple’ solutions, including solar, energy storage, and electric car charging technology. Yotta’s technology enables substantially lower overall installation costs for rooftop solar-plus-storage and EV charging infrastructure than is currently offered from any other source

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